Following extensive public consultation, the regeneration of Folkestone Harbour and Seafront secured outline planning consent in 2015 for up to 1,000 homes, as well as new public spaces. In 2018, a series of amendments to this masterplan were also approved.

The masterplan establishes the location, size and uses of buildings, but not the detail of how they would look. As a result, consultations are being carried out on the finer details of the proposals for each plot – with the latest being Plot E.

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About Us

Folkestone Harbour & Seafront Development Company is led by Sir Roger De Haan and an experienced board of directors.

Every member of the team shares a commitment to delivering a high-quality development that has and will continue to bring substantial benefits to people who live and work in Folkestone.

Our vision

By the time we acquired the Harbour in 2004, it had fallen into a serious state of disrepair. Having realised the scale of the challenge, we set about restoring the dilapidated harbour, harbour station and seafront.

Our guiding principle is to create a vibrant and attractive place that can be enjoyed by residents and those who visit Folkestone. The aim is to reinvent the English seaside experience and once again make the town one of the country’s most popular destinations.


Folkestone, like many English seaside towns with its harbour and seafront, has seen significant changes during its 200-year history. The town has constantly evolved from a small fishing harbour to genteel Victorian resort with the arrival of the railway in the 1840s. It was a pivotal port of embarkation during both world wars and went on to become a freight and cargo port, ferry terminal and fairground.


A seafront in decline

Passenger ferries ran until the late 1990s, when operators encountered growing competition and subsequently the port was closed.

The Harbour underwent a period of decline, and in the following years hosted a large concrete lorry park, a collection of dilapidated buildings and a scrap metal yard. The Rotunda Amusement Park functioned as a popular attraction until it was closed in 2003.

By the time we acquired the Harbour in 2004 and the Rotunda site in 2007, they had fallen into a state of serious disrepair. The area had been abandoned and was inaccessible to the public, providing no benefit to Folkestone.

Since purchasing the site, we have repaired and restored damaged structures in the Harbour and brought new life and purpose to the area – including developing the extremely successful Harbour Arm. However, in order to sustain this success, we must continue to develop within the masterplan.



No longer derelict, today Folkestone Harbour and Seafront is a hive of activity with people of all ages enjoying themselves.

Our proposals to redevelop the site with new residential apartments and homes brought with them a commitment to repair and restore much of the key structures of the harbour. This has largely been completed, breathing new life and purpose into the area, and work is continuing on delivering the residential elements of the project.

The new proposals offer an exciting new chapter for the town, its residents and local businesses.



Our plans to sustain the Harbour and Seafront through the delivery of up to 1,000 new homes are making significant progress.

  • Work is progressing strongly. Construction is under way on Plot B – known as Shoreline – which will deliver a collection of 84 townhouse and apartments.
  • Plot C, with 110 new homes, is also the subject of a detailed planning application submitted to Folkestone & Hythe District Council with a decision expected later this summer following a two-day exhibition.
  • Plans for Plot A, with its 13 apartments and proposals for Leas Lift Square, have also been submitted to the Council.
  • Proposals for Plot D1, with five interconnecting buildings with 96 new homes split across five storeys offering a mix of one to four bed apartments and duplexes, have also been submitted.



Local residents, and visitors, will have seen the transformation of Folkestone Harbour and Seafront in recent years – making it one of the district’s most popular destinations for a day out.

The investment by Folkestone Harbour & Seafront Development Company has, and continues to, improve the area and transform its fortunes. We are proud to have created new and attractive spaces that local people and visitors can enjoy. We have repaired, restored and enhanced the Harbour Arm, station, viaduct and swing bridge, signal box and lighthouse, each important heritage assets that can now be properly appreciated again.

In addition to these heritage restorations, we installed an interactive fountain for local residents and visitors to enjoy, as well as constructing the boardwalk, connecting the Harbour Arm with the Lower Leas Coastal Park.

Seafront regeneration continues 

Businesses that call the Harbour Arm their home have increased from five food outlets in 2017 to an estimated 60 by the end of 2022. The current 40 independent businesses employ more than 150 people, and in the last 12 months we doubled our number of employees to 26. We are proud to have created an incubation space for new local businesses that go on to thrive and employ their own staff.

On the Harbour Arm, the Goods Yard has increased its capacity. Thanks to the Harbour Screen, it can host free sports and cinema events for local people to enjoy. A new adventure golf course and café next to the Little Rock restaurant and Pilot beach bar will open shortly, adding to the popularity of Beachside.

Despite the challenges of the last two years, we have continued to invest in the town and play our part in making Folkestone a fantastic place to live, work and visit.

Delivering new homes

Construction is under way on Plot B – known as Shoreline – which will deliver a collection of 84 townhouse and apartments. Plans to build 110 new homes on Plot C have been submitted to Folkestone & Hythe District Council.

Plot A, with 13 apartments, plus new public realm at Leas Lift Square was recently presented to the public during a two-day exhibition and will be the subject of a forthcoming planning application.

The Masterplan

Folkestone Harbour & Seafront Development Company is perfectly placed to deliver upon its promises thanks to the vision and financial commitment made by Sir Roger De Haan. His family is synonymous with the town and the SAGA group of companies, where he is Chairman.

A different approach to development

Following extensive public consultation, the regeneration of Folkestone Harbour and Seafront secured outline planning consent for up to 1,000 homes, as well as new public spaces.

In most residential and commercial developments, the public and community benefits are delivered in phases as the project hits key milestones.

In the case of the redevelopment of Folkestone Harbour and Seafront, the improvements to the public realm were funded first as a way of delivering the benefits for local businesses, residents and the town as a whole. More enhancements will follow as we continue to develop within the masterplan.

Phased development

To maintain the quality of design and construction and keep pace with demand, we have adopted a phased approach to the delivery of the new homes. It also enables us to work with Kent-based contractors to maximise the benefit for the county.

The benefits

The whole masterplan delivers benefits to local people and the economy by:

  • Transforming the public realm
  • Delivering new homes
  • Creating employment opportunities
  • Enabling local residents to become business owners
  • Enhancing Folkestone’s reputation as a place to visit
  • Bringing wider benefits to the town
  • Substantial investment in local infrastructure


plot D1

plot A and Leas Lift Square

plot C1

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