Shape of Scenic Beach Path Emerges

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

The landscape at Folkestone Seafront is changing rapidly and while many of the large dunes have gone a new feature is taking shape. 

The latest addition will be a boardwalk that creates new access to Folkestone Harbour Arm and connects it with the Lower Leas Coastal Park.  This new path will connect to the former station, where work to repair and renovate continues, as well as the viaduct, which is currently undergoing works to become a pedestrian walkway.  These routes will improve connectivity around the harbour itself and help enhance access between the Coastal Park, the Stade and beach areas, the Creative Quarter and other parts of the town centre, anticipating the wider opportunities that the seafront development will bring.

The current works to raise site levels will continue until the end of June and preparations for the boardwalk are starting at the eastern end of the site near the Coastal Park.

The work is an important step towards the transformation of one of Folkestone’s most iconic sites, which will help redefine the relationship between the town and the sea.  Development of Folkestone Seafront has required investment in significant infrastructure, including the creation of sea defences. This has been greatly assisted by a grant of £5 million from the Regional Growth Fund, with support from the South East Local Enterprise Partnership, Kent County Council, and Shepway District Council. The case for this investment was built around the provision of new homes, the creation of jobs for the area and the multiplier effect this will have on the local economy.  Significant up-front funding is also being provided by Sir Roger De Haan. 

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  1. Jen says:

    Excellent! Will the sleepers be close together to make the path wheelchair-friendly?

  2. folksea says:

    Hi Jen, I’m glad you like the plan for the boardwalk. Although they will be formed of natural recylced material it is our aim that the timber elements will be as even and well-laid as possible to safeguard maixmum accessibility.

  3. Nigel Hartlebury says:

    Is the beach being leveled off? If so what will happen if there is a massive storm, won’t the walkway just get covered over by shingle?

  4. folksea says:

    Hi Nigel, the works on site at the moment are adding more shingle which is enhancing the profile of the beach making it wider and stronger. After the completion of these works the beach will be maintained. The boardwalk will sit outside of the active zone of the beach making it unlikely that it will get covered over by shingle. On occasion shingle probably will reach the boardwalk, but like the beach this will also be maintained.

  5. Keegan says:

    Can’t wait for the new changes… It’s a very exciting time for folkestone

  6. Nicky says:

    Is this going to be another shingle beach or a soft and beach? Sunny sands is so crowded in the summer and what Folkestone really needs is somewhere for the locals to spend their free time .

  7. Mark Philpott says:

    i’ve wanted to see this final area of our beautiful town regenerated for years and am so excited it’s finally happening, when is the expected completion date

  8. Molly says:


  9. folksea says:

    Hi Nicky, we aren’t changing the composition of the beach, it will still be a shingle beach. Hopefully this boardwalk will help locals to move between the great places where they can already spend their free time, including the Coastal Park and Folkestone Harbour Arm.

  10. folksea says:

    Hi Mark, I’m glad you are excited about our plans. These works are expected to be complete by early September.

  11. Hannah says:


    great article thank you.
    So, just to clarify, is the idea that the viaduct walkway to the harbour arm, the old station and the boardwalk will all be completed by September?
    Does anyone have any idea of the timeline for the main seafront development? Imagine it will be phased over a number of years but just can’t find those details.
    Thanks again for an informative article.

  12. folksea says:

    Hi Hannah, thanks for your comment. Yes, the idea is that these works will be completed by September. We are focussed on the detailed designs and phases for the development at the moment and hope to share a timeline once they have been finalised.

  13. Richard says:

    Nice day out with the family on the harbour arm. Good food and entertainment. Interested to see the historic elements preserved (tea shop and lighthouse/bar at the end of the pier). Pleased to see the project now moving forwards.

  14. Lynn Barrett-Smith says:

    I’ve lived in Folkestone for 40 plus years and own property in the harbour area, and I am so very, very excited and pleased for these improvements.

  15. Sheila says:

    We have been watching the progress of the beach and harbour arm over the past few months and are very excited and looking forward to using the boardwalk it’s looking great

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