1. Public Benefit FAQs

How will the development improve the environment for local residents?

We will enliven the Seafront area by introducing places where people can enjoy new amenities and recreation opportunities, by making the most of the site’s proximity to the sea and by optimising both the location and tapping into the rich heritage of the site. We will continue to build on improvements that have already been made, including the fountains, new restaurants, displays of public art, the process of renewal in the Creative Quarter and the opening of the Harbour Arm as a new public promenade with entertainment, bars, cafes and restaurants and great views of the Kent coast. We will also seek to explore how best to improve access between Folkestone Seafront and the rest of the town, working with partners to improve connectivity by providing better transport, road, cycle and public footpath links.


What new leisure and cultural activities will be made available?

The Masterplan includes provision for sports facilities at the Seafront, and temporary amenities have been established in and around the harbour, trialling a range of water-based sports to assess which activities work best in the prevailing conditions. Further cafes and restaurants are planned along the beach, around the harbour and in the old station area, and there are plans for gardens and community spaces along a landscaped promenade or boardwalk that will link the harbour to the existing coastal park.



How will the development encourage an increase in visitor numbers?

The aim is to create an environment on the seafront that will build on Folkestone’s appeal as a place to live, work and bring up a family. Visitors are likely to want to experience these benefits too; in fact, evidence shows that visitors are already being attracted by the positive atmosphere that the introduction of improvements and amenities has created. Other initiatives have been taking place in Folkestone that are combining to enhance the town’s reputation and attractiveness to both residents and visitors. These include new sports facilities, including an urban, indoor multi-sports park, the growing reputation of the town as centre of excellence for creativity, as demonstrated by the Folkestone Triennial, and the continuing development of a much wider burgeoning arts scene.



Will the development open up job opportunities in the area?

This comprehensive development will help create employment opportunities during development and construction phases and in the longer term, to support the new community and the businesses that will form a part of it.  There has been significant investment in education in the area at primary, secondary and FE level, all designed to help create a motivated, well qualified and responsive workforce for the future.