5. Other FAQs

What will happen to the harbour arm?

The outline planning permission provided for the Harbour Arm to be refurbished and opened up for leisure and public use. It was envisaged that this would take place in the later stages of development, funded by proceeds from the sale of houses in the first phases, but the initiative has been seized to bring this process forward to establish what is effectively a new public promenade, with entertainment and places to eat and drink or simply stroll and take in the coastal views. This has created a vibrant new meeting place, and has proved to be extremely popular.


What proposals are there for the rail and ferry links?

Ferry traffic and the connecting boat trains stopped operating in 2000. In the last ten to fifteen years, considerable changes have taken place within the transport industry, including a shift from commercial to leisure use.  Larger volumes of traffic are using the main transport corridors, which is something that Folkestone Harbour’s location does not allow.  Consequently, the Harbour Company has sought a Harbour Revision Order which will seek to re-designate the harbour for use by fishing, leisure and pleasure craft but remove any obligation to consider requests to berth by larger commercial vessels.  Pleasure cruises will be welcomed in the future as a natural extension of the leisure offer that is already being developed on the Harbour Arm. Folkestone Harbour’s transport heritage will be explored and acknowledged in the new approach.


Is there a Marina in the development?

There is no provision for a marina in the plan approved by Shepway District Council. The harbour’s East Head and the railway viaduct are listed structures, meaning that modifications required in order to construct a marina of a viable size, together with the well-documented difficulties of the location in terms of silting and tidal variation, render such a project uneconomic.