Folkestone Harbour Company has undertaken extensive consultations at every stage of the planning process for development on the Seafront. The site has been used for many different purposes over the past two hundred years, including railway sidings, leisure, light industrial, a ferry terminal and parking for cars and lorries. There is now a unique opportunity to create a waterfront neighbourhood that will integrate successfully with Folkestone’s existing rich built heritage, that will provide an outstanding environment where people will aspire to live and work and that will incorporate both traditional and new seaside amenities that will appeal to visitors.

Stakeholder views are important in helping to determine how these plans are formulated and realised, and the outline planning permission awarded for the site was achieved partly as a result of the contributions from and opinions of the many people who took part in consultations.

Previous consultation material is archived and can be found here. As detailed planning continues in preparation for the progress of different phases of the development in the years ahead, there will be further opportunities for stakeholders to communicate their views.


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Environmental Statement: